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Who We Are

CastleRock REO is one of the largest purchasers of distressed foreclosed homes in the US, buying in excess of 10,000 homes over the last few years. We buy previously foreclosed houses in bulk, which allows us to sell our properties at a lower price than you’ll find otherwise.

We purchase residential properties at a large discount, due to the massive number of foreclosures that have taken place over the past few years. Banks are literally selling houses for pennies on the dollar, and as a result of our long-standing relationships with these lending institutions, we’re able to purchase our properties at a large discount, passing massive savings on to our buyers.

Looking for an investment property or an affordable fixer-upper to own?

Our nationwide inventory of previously foreclosed houses is the perfect place to start your search. Thanks to our cost-efficient purchase method, we can sell houses to investors and aspiring owners at a much lower price than a typical brokerage.

Investment Properties

We work with cash buyers interested in purchasing properties to flip. Our extensive inventory of low-cost houses helps investors increase their potential profits. It’s never been easier or more affordable to invest in real estate!

Browse our online listings to find an investment property near you, and contact the asset manager to schedule an in-person visit to assess the home.

Fixer-Uppers For Homeowners

Because we purchase foreclosed houses, we can help you achieve your goals of becoming a homeowner for a much lower cost than you might expect.

You can own one of our homes for as little as $300 per month when you buy through our unique owner financing program. If you can make your own home repairs and have a stable household income of at least $2,000 net per month, you may qualify for our program.

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