Make $250 for referring us to a future home buyer

At CastleRock REO we offer a referral reward for your sales leads.

Who doesn't need a little help now and then? Being one of the nation's leading wholesalers of foreclosed homes, we have made connections with buyers, investors, and everyone in between. Now where do you come in?

As part of our continued appreciation to our growing CastRock community we are proud to offer a marketing referral reward when our previous buyers send us a lead that buys one of our properties.


* $250 reward applies to cash purchases only. The reward does not apply to our owner financing program (Contact for deed). Home sales must be greater than $5,000 and be paid in full at the time of sale for reward to apply.

** Marketing referral reward not valid for Realtors. Our Realtor commission is outlined on the MLS.

*** Referral must be a previous buyer of CastleRock REO