910 N 2nd St, Silsbee, TX 77656 $25,900

Property Features

3 bed, 1 bath home in Silsbee, TX. Located in a small rural town, this would make a great stater home. In need of updates and repairs before move in ready. Great potential.

Asset manager contact

Baker Leahy
Baker Leahy
Asset Manager

Agent Testimonials

  • CastleRockREO worked hard to get me the home I wanted. Baker was in constant contact with me via phone and email. He provided answers to all my questions and passed along info on the property very promptly. The home needed many repairs and he was honest and forthcoming with the information.

    Buyer, 2015
  • Baker was very helpful in this process from the beginning and throughout. His knowledge was very helpful. I look forward doing more business with him and CastleRock. Thank you for everything Baker your the best!

    Buyer, 2016
  • Baker is awesome! Hope to get the opportunity to work with him again in the future. Very efficient and honest!

    Buyer, 2016
  • Baker Leahy was quite the professional.He also was very personable. He definitely treats you with kindness, and would definitely recommend him to others.Thanks, Baker Leahy and CastleRock!!!

    Buyer, 2017
  • Ol’ Baker is the best ever. I thought he owned the company by the way he handled every question and concern I Had. I could not be happier with this transaction.

    Buyer, 2017
  • Baker and his team did a great job – made it an easy transaction.

    Buyer, 2017
  • The experience and professionalism displayed by the Asset Manager Baker Leahy was bar non! Quick to responsed on any questions I had and made me feel atease thru the whole process keeping me in the loop as information came in! I definitely recommend CastleRock and Baker Leahy to get you there!

    Buyer, 2017
  • Baker did a great job walking us through the process and make buying a house very easy through your company.

    Buyer, 2017
  • We found Baker Leahy to be most professional and curtious in all actions toward the purchase of property through Castlerock. Quick & easy! Enjoy the good life and God bless your company and the goodness of Baker!😎

    Buyer, 2017
  • Baker was great to work with. Would definitely work with him in the future.

    Buyer, 2017
  • Baker was a man of his word and made the purchase seamless and easy. I purchase numerous houses every year and I wish they all went this seamless. I would certainly do business with Baker and CastleRock again.

    Buyer, 2017
  • I had an amazing experience with CastleRockREO. We had been looking at homes on Zillow for almost a year. We had a list of several that we wanted to visit during our trip to Florida. As we were going through a particular neighborhood, we saw a home for sale by CastleRockREO. The price was within our budget. We called and talked to Baker Leahy, an agent. He told us to look about the place and call him back if we were interested. We called back within 10 minutes and made an offer. He said, “You got it. It’s off the market.” Just like that. I hung up the phone and my girl asked “what happened?” I said, “I think we got the house”. Sure enough. We closed within 30 days. I am grateful to Baker for being straightforward and true to his word and I thank CastleRockREO for sending my retirement plan in a whole, new and exciting direction.

    Buyer, 2015
  • I cannot express my gratitude for your patience with me when I hit a brick wall! Thank you so much for getting me into this property!

    Buyer, 2017
  • Great job Baker Leahy!

    Buyer, 2017
  • This was my first time purchasing an REO property, and first cash deal. Baker was a great help throughout the process. I would recommend Castle Rock to anyone looking for properties.

    Buyer, 2017

Home purchasing options

Discounted Cash Price

One time cash price


This discounted cash price is for investors/owner occupants who have the money up front and will not require owner financing. This home is being sold as-is.

Castlerock and its affiliates reserve the right to accept any offer at any time during any property's duration on the market. Please note that Castlerock may not always accept the highest offer or even a full priced offer as some offers come with contingencies, conditions or long closing times. Any email stating that an offer has been approved does not officially mean Castlerock has to honor that offer. An offer is only officially accepted when a Castlerock generated contract is signed by both buyer and seller.

Per company policy, a property must be on the local MLS for 7 business days before we accept the final offer. Thank you.

Owner Financing price

Total financed amount for contract for deed

$ 2,000 down and $ 770.96 per month
Total note amount of $ 70,000

Financing is done using a common contract for deed. The down payment and monthly payments cover principal and interest over a 20 to 30 year term. Our financing allows buyers to own a home for low monthly payments that are generally lower than a rent. Please note the contract for deed price is higher than the discounted cash price.

In order to qualify for this home, you must

  • Make a combined net income of at least $1,800 per month. (Some homes require a higher monthly income)
  • Have secure employment, job stability, and decent credit
  • Have the ability to make repairs to the house.

Property is sold in "as-is" condition and will need some work and repairs. The price for this home reflects the work needed and it will be your responsibility if you are the buyer.

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CastleRock REO and its affiliates offers this property for sale in "as-is" condition at the time of sale or closing, including any hidden defects of any nature, known or unknown. Prior to purchasing the property, buyers should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection. In addition potential buyers should research or have researched any back taxes, outstanding utilities or city or municipal code violations, including condemnations.