781 Farview Ave, Ashland, KY 41102 $19,900

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Nicole Kutun
Nicole Kutun
Asset Manager

Agent Testimonials

  • I recently purchased a home from CastleRock REO. Nicole Kutun was my representative. She absolutely
    treated me as I like to be treated. She was very professional, courteous, and helpful. Most of our contact
    was by phone because I am not very savvy on the internet. She held my hand and walked me through the process. Nicole just seemed SPECIAL!!!! .Yes, I am very pleased with our transaction and would not hesitate to recommend Nicole and CastleRock to my friends!!!!!

    Buyer, 2017
  • Nicole Kutun, was extremely helpful!! She answered her phone on a Saturday afternoon, and gave us the codes so we could look at the inside of the home. Through out all of this process, she has been very accessible to us, by either phone calls, texts, or emails. I feel she is a great asset to your company! She needs to be in the position to help train others, as she knows exactly what to do. Thank you, Nicole Kutun, for everything.

    Buyer, 2017
  • Nicole made me feel comfortable about the whole process even though we where in separate states.

    Buyer, 2017
  • She did a wonderful job for me on my closing. I really like her. She’s a wonderful person. I want to thank you all

    Buyer, 2017
  • Mrs Nicole answered all my questions and made me,comfortable about buying the property. Hopefully have some more dealings in the future

    Buyer, 2017
  • Nicole Kutun was very professional and always returned my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. Additionally when returning communication she was always ready with accurate information provided in a polite professional manner. Nicole was a pleasure to work with.

    Buyer, 2017
  • Thank You for helping us with this property we are so happy to get it we have waited several years to get it and are very pleased. thank you for all your help

    Buyer, 2017
  • Nicole was great to work with!

    Buyer, 2017

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This discounted cash price is for investors/owner occupants who have the money up front and will not require owner financing. This home is being sold as-is.

Castlerock and its affiliates reserve the right to accept any offer at any time during any property's duration on the market. Please note that Castlerock may not always accept the highest offer or even a full priced offer as some offers come with contingencies, conditions or long closing times. Any email stating that an offer has been approved does not officially mean Castlerock has to honor that offer. An offer is only officially accepted when a Castlerock generated contract is signed by both buyer and seller.

Per company policy, a property must be on the local MLS for 7 business days before we accept the final offer. Thank you.


CastleRock REO and its affiliates offers this property for sale in "as-is" condition at the time of sale or closing, including any hidden defects of any nature, known or unknown. Prior to purchasing the property, buyers should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection. In addition potential buyers should research or have researched any back taxes, outstanding utilities or city or municipal code violations, including condemnations.