1128 Hammond Ave, Utica, NY 13501 $24,900

Property Features

4 Beds, 2 Baths home located in Utica, NY. This large home is within walking distance with many shopping and amenities. This property has a lot of potential to be a very nice home, however it will require repairs and updates before move-in.

Asset manager contact

Jennifer Testa
Jennifer Testa
Asset Manager

Agent Testimonials

  • My experience with CastleRock REO was awesome. Jennifer was amazing. She was very prompt, courteous, professional and walked with me every step of the way. I was able to close on my property in just a few short days. I highly recommend CastleRock REO to anyone looking to invest or by property for themselves.

    Buyer, 2013
  • I was totally unfamiliar with REO’s and how they worked- Once I educated myself and researched their role in selling homes, I worked with Jennifer in obtaining a home in Missouri I had found on Zillow. After inspecting the home and determining that Jennifer’s preferred method of communication was Email, the negotiation and purchasing process was very easy. Jennifer was a great help with negotiating with the REO owner and the deed process was seamless. Only suggestion is for CR REO reps to inform perspective buyers if they prefer to communicate by phone or Email and fully explain the process of a REO owned property for the purchaser who is not familiar with real estate owned companies. I am in the process of totally remodeling my new home for a vacation getaway. Thank you , Castlerock, for your assistance. M.A.Hudson, McKinney, TX.

    Buyer, 2013
  • I was very impressed , Jenifer had performed very efficiently, quickly, our negotiation was done very quickly and smoothly. Very good business. Honest , forward from both sides.

    Buyer, 2013
  • We saw the house, we called spoke with Jennifer, then about 6 emails later we were closing on the house. It was that fast, she emailed me the paper work and we sent the down payment, and started moving in. Really friendly and always made time when we needed to talk. I have already been telling all my friends who are looking.

    Buyer, 2014
  • Jennifer is a very nice person to work with. The land was represented as per advertised. upfront people to work with from beginning to the closing. If you need a investment property they are the ones to see.

    Buyer, 2014
  • There was a bit of confusion with different regulations from state to state but in the end we were able to come to an agreement and purchase the house. Jennifer was great to work with. Even after over 100 emails she answered every one. We are happy to be homeowners now and look forward to raising our family here.

    Buyer, 2015
  • My husband and I purchased a piece of property in Florida with Jennifer’s help. The process was very quick and easy. If you are looking for a home or property at a huge bargain, I advise you to inquire about the ones on this site. We are very pleased.

    Buyer, 2015
  • Jennifer Testa was very pleasant to work with. My overall experience was pleasant. Not knowing how the process worked I was a little timid. Jennifer explained through email how everything worked. That was extremely helpful. She was very professional and even gave me some tips on a recent trip I would be taking to her town. Overall I would definitely do business again with CastleRock. Thank you Jennifer.

    Buyer, 2015
  • Thank you Jennifer, you’ve been the best! Helping me thru the whole process and keeping in contact with me. The whole staff was awesome. Thank you guys!

    Buyer, 2016
  • Jennifer was great. Fast closing. Fist time purchase of a home like this. She answered all questions and was very helpful during process.

    Buyer, 2017
  • It was a pleasant experience. I contacted them during a holiday weekend, and they responded right away making it possible for me to view the property that Saturday. Once I decided I was interested in the property I corresponded with them for 3 weeks straight and Jennifer Testa answered all my questions promptly. When it was time to purchase the home everything went smoothly and in a timely fashion. I would definitely purchase more property from castle rock.

    Buyer, 2013
  • We drove by the house and saw a Castle Rock sign in the window and the yard of a house were were interested in. We sent an e-mail and a lady named Jennifer promptly responded. Jennifer and I exchanged several e-mails, she answered all our questions. She was professional and courteous. We made an offer and Jennifer went above and beyond to make it happen. We came to an agreement, chose our tiltle company and closed the deal. We will do business again.

    Buyer, 2013
  • Earlier this year I started searching for a home when I came across CastleRock REO Site found a house that was right for me. I called Jennifer Testa on this house so glad I did she helped me in every way to help me purchase the house the forms are all simple to understand easy to fill out.and in a very short period of time I am a home owner. Thanks to all at CastleRock REO and most important Jennifer Testa she gets a ten Star rating first class the way she represents CastleRock.

    Buyer, 2013
  • I had been looking at a house for sale on Zillow.com that I was very interested in and I contacted CastleRock REO and spoke with Jennifer Tester about the house and she was just super!!! Through all my ups and downs, all the questions, all the emails and text messages, she was there for me and she gave me the encouragement and the information I needed and now I own the home and I just love it!!!!! It’s in a great neighborhood and it’s my retirement home. Thank you so very much Jennifer for hanging in there with me!

    Buyer, 2013
  • I found CastleRock through CraigsList when searching for affordable investment property. Initially, I called on the house on July 4th and got a response back from Jennifer on the 5th! Jennifer was awesome to work with and very helpful in the process. Being new to this investment property world, I required a bit of patience which Jennifer had no problem in giving me. She explained the process to me in detail until I was comfortable with how it all worked. The negotiation and paperwork part of the process was quick and the painless. The entire transaction was actually complete on July 31! If CastleRock had other properties in my area, I wouldn’t have any problem working with Jennifer again.

    Buyer, 2013

Home purchasing options

Discounted Cash Price

One time cash price


This discounted cash price is for investors/owner occupants who have the money up front and will not require owner financing. This home is being sold as-is.

Castlerock and its affiliates reserve the right to accept any offer at any time during any property's duration on the market. Please note that Castlerock may not always accept the highest offer or even a full priced offer as some offers come with contingencies, conditions or long closing times. Any email stating that an offer has been approved does not officially mean Castlerock has to honor that offer. An offer is only officially accepted when a Castlerock generated contract is signed by both buyer and seller.

Per company policy, a property must be on the local MLS for 7 business days before we accept the final offer. Thank you.

Owner Financing price

Total financed amount for contract for deed

$ 2,000 down and $ 905.04 per month
Total note amount of $ 60,000

Financing is done using a common contract for deed. The down payment and monthly payments cover principal and interest over a 20 to 30 year term. Our financing allows buyers to own a home for low monthly payments that are generally lower than a rent. Please note the contract for deed price is higher than the discounted cash price.

In order to qualify for this home, you must

  • Make a combined net income of at least $1,800 per month. (Some homes require a higher monthly income)
  • Have secure employment, job stability, and decent credit
  • Have the ability to make repairs to the house.

Property is sold in "as-is" condition and will need some work and repairs. The price for this home reflects the work needed and it will be your responsibility if you are the buyer.

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CastleRock REO and its affiliates offers this property for sale in "as-is" condition at the time of sale or closing, including any hidden defects of any nature, known or unknown. Prior to purchasing the property, buyers should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection. In addition potential buyers should research or have researched any back taxes, outstanding utilities or city or municipal code violations, including condemnations.