Cash buyers

Are you a real estate investor looking for your next house to flip?

If you are a purchaser who does not need financing and can close quickly with your own funds then we are able to offer you substantial discounts on our large inventory of previously foreclosed homes.

Are you ready to maximize the ROI from your next investment property?

Take advantage of dramatic savings on your next investment property when you make a cash purchase with CastleRock REO.

How it works

STEP 1: View our online inventory of investment properties

Search through our nationwide inventory of previously foreclosed houses to find a low-cost investment property. Once you’ve found a house you’re interested in, contact the asset manager associated with the property to schedule a viewing at the home.

While we encourage all investors to fully inspect and assess our properties in person, we do offer limited information regarding property condition for interested investors who are unable to do so.

STEP 2: Make an offer on a property

Most of our properties are sold with quitclaim deeds, however, you can elect to purchase a property through a title company with title insurance.

When placing an offer, please keep in mind that our low priced properties create high demand, and as a result, there are often multiple interested buyers for each listing. We therefore encourage investors to place their highest possible offer from the start.

Purchase price, deposit amount, and closing details are all handled by the asset manager assigned to each property.

STEP 3: Purchasing and closing on your investment property

Once a purchase price is agreed upon and it’s confirmed you are the winning bidder, you will receive a purchase agreement and payment wiring instructions within 24 hours. CastleRock REO will need the signed purchase agreement within 48 hours, after which you can schedule your final closing and payment. After the full payment is received, we transfer the deed to your name or entity of choice. Lastly, you will receive the original recorded deed directly from the county. Please note that it may take the county clerk several weeks to record a deed, and be patient during this time.

Increase the profit potential on your next flip

Browse our nationwide inventory today to find dozens of low-cost investment properties. We’re constantly purchasing foreclosed homes throughout the country and are never in short supply of affordable houses to flip.

If you’re interested in buying an investment property but don’t see one in your area, sign up today to be notified when new houses are added to our inventory !