CastleRock REO

346 (406) Henrytown Rd, Saltville VA 24370 $7,900

Property Features

3 Bed, 1 bath home in Saltville, VA. Home sits on a half acre of land. Covered porch and deck. Bedrooms are good sizes. Hardwood flooring present in some rooms. Home needs work and repairs as well as a clean out. Separate utility room. Large metal building on site.

Home Purchasing Options

Investor Cash Price

One Time Cash Price

$ 7,900

This discounted cash price is for investors who have the money up front and will not require owner financing. This home is being sold as-is.

Owner Financing Price

Total Financed Amount for Land Contract

$ 18,000

$ 1,000 Down and

$ 203 per month

Financing is done using a common land contract. The down payment and monthly payments cover principal and interest over a 20 to 30 year term. Our financing allows buyers to own a home for low monthly payments that are generally lower than a rent.

In order to qualify for this home, you must

  • Make a combined net income of at least $1,800 per month. (Some homes require a higher monthly income)
  • Have secure employment, job stability, and decent credit
  • Have the ability to make repairs to the house.

Property is sold in "as-is" condition and will need some work and repairs. The price for this home reflects the work needed and it will be your responsibility if you are the buyer.

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CastleRock REO and its affiliates offers this property for sale in "as-is" condition at the time of sale or closing, including any hidden defects of any nature, known or unknown. Prior to purchasing the property, buyers should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection. In addition potential buyers should research or have researched any back taxes, outstanding utilities or city or municipal code violations, including condemnations.